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Accuwise: Your Tax Solution Partner

New Business? We Can Help

Get Help with All Your Accounting Needs

From tax assistance to business formation, bookkeeping, and payroll, it’s never too late to get help from the small business certified pros at Block Advisors by Quicktax.


Our Firm

Established in 2010, TTK & Associates LLC began its journey as a dedicated accounting and tax preparation service for small businesses. Recognizing the unique challenges small business owners face, our firm focused on providing meticulous and tailored financial services that would simplify operations and enhance business efficiency.


Over the years, as technology evolved and the needs of our clients grew, we saw an opportunity to innovate and enhance how we serve our customers. This vision led to the rebranding of our firm to Accuwise. Today, Accuwise stands at the forefront of accounting innovation, embracing our mission to be the “do it for you” kind of accounting firm. We leverage cutting-edge technology to eliminate physical constraints, facilitating seamless interaction between our accounting professionals and small business clients, regardless of location.


At Accuwise, we understand the complexities of accounting and are equipped with the technical skills and training to handle your needs efficiently. Our goal is to provide essential services that allow small business owners to focus on what they do best—running their business. With Accuwise taking care of the accounting, our clients enjoy the peace of mind needed to manage and operate their businesses more effectively.


Let us do the accounting work for you. Trust in our expertise and commitment to your success, and let’s continue to grow together.

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Emily K. Vu

CEO and Founder

Emily K Vu - Experienced Professional in Accounting and Real Estate

With over 25 years of diverse professional experience, Emily K Vu has established a remarkable career as an auditor in the casino industry. Her keen eye for detail and strong analytical skills stood out in this dynamic sector. Emily then transitioned into academia, where she shared her knowledge and passion for accounting as a professor for 9 years, educating and inspiring the next generation of financial professionals.

In 2010, Emily embarked on a new venture, managing her accounting firm dedicated to assisting small businesses. Her firm provides comprehensive accounting services, helping clients navigate the complexities of financial management and growth strategies effectively. Building on her extensive experience in financial management and business operations, Emily further expanded her professional repertoire by becoming a realtor specializing in real estate investments.

Today, Emily is a trusted advisor for estate investors, leveraging her deep understanding of financial frameworks and market dynamics to help clients make informed investment decisions. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to adapt to various roles within the financial and real estate sectors have made her a respected figure in her field.

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